Lisa-Gay Tremblay has been making audiences laugh for over 25 years. Her first television appearance as a kid was on the Uncle Willy and Floyd Show in her hometown Ottawa, Canada. And equally impressive, in the high school snow queen pageant she came in second, most likely doing so well due to for her talent portion playing Lily Tomlin’s Edith Ann!
After working for several years in the exciting world of statistics, Lisa-Gay decided to give her dream of being a stand-up comic a shot — which turned out to be a wise decision as that fit her personality much more. She moved to Toronto and performed for Yuk Yuk’s and very soon toured Canada. She wrote and starred in two CBC television sketch and stand-up comedy shows, toured for the troops and hosted morning television shows. She was the first Canadian woman to perform at the Just For Laughs Festival.
After winning her green card in a lottery (yep, you read that right, she was on the lucky side of the luck of the draw), she moved to New York to give the USA a try — testing their sense of humor! Within weeks she had performed with Rosie O’Donnell in VH-1’s Stand-Up Spotlight!, opened for such Comedy Legends as Jerry Seinfeld and Rodney Dangerfield. Finally, Los Angeles beckoned… and the Canadian pioneer travelled the journey to the West Coast.
In Los Angeles she was able to get her SAG card on Boy Meets World and continued her success in television with numerous appearances on, FOX, Showtime, A&E, and other network and cable channels. She was also getting her feet wet with several national commercials.
After getting married and having her daughter Claire, Lisa-Gay scaled the traveling and comedy back to became a full-time mom and a part-time performer. She kept her hand in the game by continuing to do commercials and stand-up for charity as well as taking acting and improv classes. With her daughter now post-college, Lisa-Gay is BACK at it… refocusing on her career and her dream of being a sitcom regular or having her own talk show.
Lisa-Gay lives in Sherman Oaks with her husband. She was recently re-elected to her second four-year term on the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council.
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